About Us

UCS delivers result oriented technology-consulting service to both public and private enterprises. It also provides business advisory services to Small and Medium Enterprises.

At UCS we take pride in having professionals who understand the underlying value of technology to business performance. We help businesses meet and exceed their core objectives using the right technological tools and business processes.



Years of Experience

Established in 2004,our years of experience gives an edge in the industry, which makes us outstanding in our solutions.



Over the years, we have had the opportunity to proffer solutions that have impacted the lives of our clients with amazing success stories around the 6 Geo-Political Zones.


Projects Completed

We take pride in the successful completion of over 30 projects around the 6 geo-political zones, leaving our clients satisfied and returning.

Our Key


Business Development

Our team has the requisite  abilities and techniques required to identify and pursue new business opportunities, including identifying new markets, partnerships, and products. By extension we possess these other following skills;

Market Research


Strategic planning

Relationship management

SME Advisory and Strategic Investment

Our team has the ability to analyze and make informed decisions about investing in various assets, including real estate and start-ups. We understand market trends, hidden risks and potential return of different investments.

Project Management

We have the ability to plan, organize, and oversee a project from inception to completion, ensuring timely completion, within budget, and to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. Our specific skills include;

Planning and organizing

Time management


Risk management

Problem-solving and Technical skills

Adaptability and Leadership

Budgeting and financial management

Follow-up and monitoring


We have the abilities and techniques used to find, evaluate, and organize information for a specific purpose. Our skills include the ability to perform the following:

Identify and define research questions

Locate and access relevant sources

Critically evaluate information, and

Properly cite and document sources


Our team has the abilities and knowledge needed to effectively design, deliver, and evaluate training programs for individuals or groups. Some key training skills include

Curriculum design and development

Instructional design


Presentation skills

Evaluation and assessment

Technology integration

Adaptability and flexibility

Cultural awareness and sensitivity

Strong leadership, communication, and time management skills

Data Analytics

Our team has a strong background in statistics and computer science, as well as experience working with large datasets. They are able to extract insights and knowledge from data, and use this information to inform and improve decision-making in various fields such as security, agriculture, and government. The following specific skills are found in our team:

Strong business skills and ability to translate data insights into actionable recommendations

Familiarity with big data tools such as Hadoop and Spark

Exceptional problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Experience with data visualization and data cleaning

Strong knowledge in statistical analysis and machine learning techniques

Programming skills (Python, R, SQL,HTML, Java)

UCS Management

Meet the team

Engr. Onyeka Uche Ofili(Phd)


Ubong Egoro

Managing Director/CEO

Arho Ogunmola

Operations/Project Lead

Marlyn Uzondu

Monitoring & Evaluation