Previous Projects

We take pride in the successful completion of over 30 projects around the 6 geo-political zones, leaving our clients satisfied and returning.

Our Portfolio

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) 

Our approach to M&E includes development of M&E plans, Project Implementation plans and M&E frameworks. To guarantee that our M&E strategy is effective we ensure that our data collection process is unbiased bearing in mind that the success of any M&E process is a ruction of the quality of data collected.  We collect data before, during and after the projects. Another factor that is necessary in the success of an M&E project is the quality of the analysis undertaken. We combine our knowledge of data analysis with the right technological tools to ensure that we deliver the right analysis.  

Project Management

We have provided various Project Management services for different Ministries Departments & Agencies. Such services includes;

End-to-end execution and management of training projects from conceptualization to completion. 

Management of various technology infrastructure projects

Capacity Development Support Programme

We provided both virtual and physical training services for MDAs where we train on Personnel development, ICT and Entrepreneurship skills acquisition. 

Some of the training deliverables were but not limited to:

Developing a website to host the participants online

Provision of relevant training contents.

Distribution of startup tools to carry on self-development. 

Development of skills and capacities in communication device assessment and repair of mobile phones, smartphones, laptops and tablets;

Provision of Completion Certificates for the successful participants

Provision of a digital platform to enable participants seek freelance opportunities within Nigeria and earn income.

Staff Training Evaluation

We helped clients determine whether the training programs embarked upon by their staff were relevant to their job roles. We then analyzed if staff performance and productivity increased as a result of the training attended. Working with the organization we surveyed if these training programs deliver an adequate return on investment made by the agency. We further analyzed the methods used to deliver the training and ascertain whether these methods met the training objectives. Lastly we proffered solutions on where the organization should focus to improve the effectiveness of its staff training programmes.

Studies and Research Projects

We carried out relevant studies for MDAs to help them achieve defined objectives. This included conducting strategic reviews of on-going capital projects with a view to streamlining them and allocating resources to the projects that had the most social and economic impact, and in turn releasing resources for new priority projects. 

Our study/research projects entailed using appropriate research methodologies. For data collection, we used questionnaires, interviews, focus group discussions and meetings with relevant stakeholders. At the end of the surveys, we developed detailed reports that served as a roadmap for the country’s sectoral strategy and development.